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Full steel structure Lab Chemical Fume Hood

Product Specification:

1-Product name : Fume Hood (fume cupboard & fume cabinet)

2-Material: High quality cold rolled steel plate , the surface is parkerised by
acid and electro-sprayed by epoxy resin powder.

3-Size: 1200/1500/1800*850*2350mm, or as customer`s requirement

4- Cabinet:use high quality cold-rolled steel sheet,surface is parkerised by acid and electro-sprayed by epoxy resin;

5-Table top: use 16mm thick epoxy resin black , Inside lining、Air deflector:use 5mm COMPACT chemistry basalplate;

6- Windows: explosion proof tempered glass, can hover at any height;

7-Color: Blue ,white,black ,red ,green ,orange or as client demand .

8-Handle: stainless steel bright type handle;

9-Light source: explosion proof fluorescent light;

10- Electric power source: multi-function sockets;

11- Sink: pp material special used for lab (optional) ,

12-Cock: single outlet cock special for lab (optional) .

13-Door panel:use cold-rolled steel sheet

14-Hinges:open type high quality hinges;

15-Packing: Plywood case. Scratch proof, anti-collision film. As per customized specifications.

16-OEM&ODM: Available

17-Quality standard: ISO9001 &ISO4001


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